Dog Training & Services

Board & Train

If you’re looking to fast track your training, perhaps a board and train option is for you. Have a new puppy? This would be a fabulous start! We always encourage clients to be the ones to work with their dogs but sometimes you just need a little jumpstart!

Behavior Modification

A lot of dogs have behaviors we dislike and don’t know what to do about.  If yours are big or small, we’re here to help. From raiding the trash, counter surfing and jumping on people to dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, separation anxiety or noise sensitivities.  Using positive reinforcers and shaping new behaviors, we can change the way your dog views his or her world.
*Please note*  Some severe cases may be referred to a Veterinary Certified Behaviorist and your dog should also be checked out by your vet for any health or pain issues.


Whether you want to learn about Agility from the start or are a current competitor, Robin’s training methods are simple, clear and intuitive for the dog. All levels welcome. Even if you don’t have a desire to compete and just want to learn how to play the game of Agility, come out and have some fun with your dog!.

Off-Leash Walking/Hiking

Ready to hit the trails with your best friend?  Learn a Really Reliable Recall and excellent leash skills to start with. This program will set you and your dog up for some fabulous outdoor adventures together.  Before you know it, you and your dog can enjoy the freedom of being out in nature without the restriction of a 6 foot leash! 


On-line course with lessons and videos for Canine Fitness and Conditioning.  This is a great way to teach your dog or puppy all about body awareness (proprioception) and learn some great new games and tricks. This is a fabulous way to train your dog at home, inside or out.  Very little room is required, basically enough room for you and your dog!  And….it’s really fun Whether you want to keep your dog in shape and have some fun learning new things or you have a dog with a recovering injury, we have a training plan for you.

*Injury cases with vet approval only.
This program is designed for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors.  We break down the lessons according to your dog’s capability and age.

Getting Started!

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